Movie Investor's Workshop

An intelligent investment in movies can earn substantial returns. While film investments are risky, the potential return from a hit can be enormous. Not only can the film earn revenue from box office receipts, but there are many ancillary sources of income. Investing in films can be very rewarding if done correctly. Therefore, it is important for investors to understand the precautions to take in making such investment decisions.

This workshop is focused to assist both new & existing investors to learn the basics of how to choose the best projects - Business plan, due diligence, budget, script, cast & crew, distribution & marketing & more. It will also give you opportunity for one to one meeting with Film Funding Network team.

One of the core objectives of Film Funding Network is encourage high-net-worth individuals and angel investors to invest in the movie business profitably and build a new class of genuine investors.

This workshop on the basics of investing in movies will be organised in December 2018 in Mumbai in association with Banknet Group and Six Sigma Films. It is FREE for the angel investors, HNI's, Financiers.Representatives of equity funds, venture capital, financial institutions etc are also welcome. Investors will be directly contacted with workshop details including venue & dates.

Please fill out the following form and our team will get in touch with you to take it forward. Your information will be kept confidential. For any registration query, contact at